Rental conditions and Privacy Policy Budget Rent a Car Online Pre Paid Bookings


The booking has to be made at least 3 days in advance of your rental pickup date. Payment via our Online Pre Paid Bookings site is only possible with MasterCard/VISA/American Express Within 3 days of the reservation date, Budget Rent a Car will charge your credit card for the pre-paid charges and additionals booked during the rental. On the rental date, before your rental pickup, you will need to sign a rental agreement at the Budget Location.
Credit card information provided during the process of the booking should match the name of the renter. In case this information does not match, we will not guarantee the reservation.


Before 2 weeks of the rental date you can cancel the reservation and will be entitled to 50% refund of the pre-paid charges. A cancellation within 2 weeks of the rental date or less, you are NOT entitled for a refund. For bookings within 2 weeks of the rental pickup date you are not entitled to a refund. Cancellations have to be made in written (fax or e-mail) and need to be made by the person who made the pre-paid reservation.

Changes in the reservation

For each change in your existing reservation a US$ 25.00 will, be charged. Changes have to be made in writing by e-mail and need to be made by the person who made the pre-paid reservation. Changes can not be made for the booked and confirmed rates in a confirmed reservation


Within three days after the booking, Budget Rent a Car will charge you the pre-paid rental amount. You will receive an e-mail with your rental voucher. You will have to show this voucher when renting your car. This voucher is a proof of pre-payment. All details of your reservation are mentioned in this voucher.


We will sent confirmations and vouchers to the e-mail address provided by you at the time of the booking. Some providers will put these confirmations in the spamfilter, please check your spam regularly. We can not held responsible if any mail sent to you will end up in your spam box. Hotmail is known to put our mails in the spam box, you have to unblock them from the spam


A deposit of US$ 500 with a valid credit card (MasterCard/VISA/American Express) including pincode if requested is mandatory. Debit cards, Virtual credit cards, cheques, cash, and electronic credit cards (not embossed) are NOT accepted as deposit. In case the customer doesn't have a valid credit card we cannot rent the customer a car and all rights for a refund of the prepaid amount expire.

Length of rental

The rental car has to be returned at the location where you rented the car, only if in advance another agreement has been made. There is minimum of 2 or more days (depending on the season)for bookings via the Budget Rent a Car Pre Paid Bookings site. Cars are rented at the moment the rental agreement has been opened and signed by the customer. If you return the car after this time, the hourly charge will be applicable and the hourly rate will be charged until the hourly rate equal the daily rate (4 hours).

CDW All Risk Coverage

The acceptance of the CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) charge per day (US$ 17,00) is mandatory and is included in the rental rate, your deductible is limited to US$ 500 for damage to your car. We will ask you for a deposit of US$ 500,00 when renting the car. This amount will be returned in full, if the car will be returned free of damage. In case of damage caused by theft and/or joyriding and vandalism you will always be responsible for the deductible of US$ 500

FIP Charge, Deductible Coverage

This is an optional booking charge. You have the option to lower the deductible from US$ 500 to US$ 100. A daily charge of US$ 11,00 excluding local taxes and fees, will be applied to your booking total. If the FIP is accepted all conditions of the CDW Charge will apply, except the amount of the deductible and deposit will be lowered to US$ 100(Lowering the deductible with the FIP is not possible with underage drivers from 23-25 years)

Security Charge

On all contracts there is a mandatory on time "Security Charge" of US$ 2,86 per contract. This is included in the Prepaid Booking

Airport Consession Fee 12%

On all rentals made on the airport location, we will charge a 12% Airport Fee on all charges, this is included in the Prepaid Reservation, if rental starts at the Airport Location. On any addtional charges locally, ie fuel, damage, this needs to be paid locally.

Sales Tax 9%

A 9% Sales Tax will be calculated and charged on all rental charges. This is included in the Prepaid Reservation and charges booked during the reservation. On any additional charges locally, ie fuel, damage, this needs to be paid locally.

Child seat

A child seat can be rented for US$ 8,00 per day excl APO Fee(if applicable) and Taxes

Additional Drivers

The cost of an additional driver is US$ 8,00 per person per day. The additional Driver needs to comply with the normal age and rental criteria. Only the renter and the authorized "additional drivers", which are mentioned and specified on the rental agreement, are authorized to drive the car. In case of any accident and the driver is not mentioned as renter or additional driver on the contract, the insurance protection is voided, and the renter is responsible for the full value of the damage.

Drivers License

All international drivers licenses are accepted. The renter needs to be at least 25 years of age and at least 1 year in the possession of a valid driver's license.Renters of 23 and 24 years of age can rent a car, but a surcharge of US$ 10,00 per person per day will apply with a deductible of US$ 500. Excluding Fees and Taxes

Fuel Charges

The rental car should be returned with the same amount of fuel as received. If this amount is less, we will charge the difference on the contract. These charges have to be paid locally. This charge will be higher than the normal rates at the gas station. A list of refueling charges is available at all locations. No refunds on gasoline are made.